Meet Agnes Gitonga, the co-founder of a non-government organisation that aims to empower women.

1. Can you give a brief summary of who you are and what you do?

I am the co-founder of Gihon. We are a non-government organisation that aims to empower and equip women with basic and practical skills that will ultimately help them become employable.

2. What is your

business about?

Gihon is about educating the current and future generation of this country. From bead work and hair dressing, to learning about conflict resolution - our mission is to raise a holistic generation of women.

We also seek to raise Kitangela’s next generation by opening the Kings and Queens Learning Centre. The school is government certified and takes in students that are financially limited and unable to attend public schools.

Our latest project is called the sanitary pad project. In this side of the world, sanitary pads are a luxury certainly not everyone can afford. The lack of proper sanitary products and appropriate facilities keep millions of girls out of school both temporarily and permanently. I decided to start the sanitary pad project last year when I first saw the need within our women’s centre. We have now extended this to other parts of the slums and the Maasai lands.

3. What does it mean to be an African woman in Business?

To be an African woman in business means being strong, being resilient, balancing my faith with concrete plans- It means putting myself to a higher standard. I am inspired simultaneously by the struggles of my fellow African women and the patronising smiles of my African men. I am humbled by the pride I carry to be where I am now. I guess what it really means to be an African woman in business is a life of contradictions - it’s pushing against tradition, culture while being so in love and inspired by it all.

4. How do you celebrate African women?

I celebrate African women every day. I literally begin my day dancing and laughing and empowering the women in my centre. Furthermore, I celebrate African women by fighting hard against generational poverty and domestic violence. I celebrate African women by being unapologetically myself and wholeheartedly African.

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