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Learn about Pamoja Network in a bit more detail.


To support the African startup ecosystem by helping ease the issue of searching for talent both locally and globally.


Pamoja has been designed to leverage the expertise of professionals in an initial project-like setting to solve business problems startups are face. 

Today, of the approximately 420 million African youth aged 15-35, ​one-third are without jobs. 10 to 12 million youth are entering the workforce each year, where only 3.1 million job posts are being created (African Development Bank Jobs for Youth in Africa Strategy Report, 2016). By 2035 the continent is estimated to possess the world’s largest workforce at 1.1 billion (Future Agenda, 2019). The world will see a global shift in dependency on labour towards Africa, therefore, the continent’s population and the world will require Africans have adequate access to jobs and training.


We aim to tackle the lack of jobs on the continent by connecting a pool of talented young persons whom are capable, willing and devoted to collaborating with entrepreneurs in actively contributing towards the African growth and development agenda through both strategy and implementation. ​As a social venture we are motivated by impact and the idea that the work we indulge ourselves in has the potential to bring about greater benefits to society. 


We believe in the African Proverb:

‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.’


Hence our name Pamoja – translating from Swahili as togetherness. We believe in the power of creating a network that unites us young people

Pamoja Network and The Global Agenda

The focus of our work in tackling youth unemployment and facilitating job creation aligns to multiple ongoing global agendas. These include:

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 8 and 17) - Decent Work and Economic Growth & Partnerships for Goals

  • African Development Bank (AdB) - Jobs for Youth in Africa

  • African Union - The Diaspora Division